Our resident artist Berk has created a buzz in the gallery this week with his new collection. Creating spray paint pieces by using the reverse glass process, he brings a cool abstract design and captures a colourful display. 

Berk uses his skills in street art graffiti to apply on the glass surface and build up layers. He always uses lots of colours and layers and the end result is very unique. 

Back in February, Berk did a collaboration with Rose Clover and designed small bottles and vases that could be filled with flowers or plants. He now has a small selection of original paintings on sale at the Elm Grove shop. 

As the plant shop has an element of peach colours on the walls from raw plaster, the artwork settles in so well. You can pop by there to see for yourself. 


In the gallery, we are admiring the biggest piece that Berk has created so far and looking forward to someone claiming it for their home. Measuring 126cm by 91cm, this artwork will be a great centre piece. 

Chris Reeves 'Berk' has been painting murals for the last 8 years. He has been designing letters and following graffiti culture since the late 80s, after he was heavily influenced by the ‘Subway Art’ and ‘Spraycan Art’ books. His work can be found on the street, and in the form of canvas and glass paintings and printed clothing. His drive to make art comes from his love of composition, abstraction, flow and fonts.

You can see some of his commission work at Farm Kitchen on Palmerston Road and Pitt St Skatepark where he has done extensive work inside and outside of the building. 

Drop by to the Corner Collective gallery and Rose Clover to see more of Berk’s artwork. Every piece is a one off and brings a colourful edge to the room. 


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