The Corner Collective

The Corner Collective started when two creatives shared a working space at the top of Highland Road. George from Pompey Banana Club and Fark FK became friends and shared some cool ideas so decided to collaborate for the We Create market back in 2020, creating side tables and new artwork to buy! Everything they made sold in 2 days and both of them knew that individual one off design pieces was in high demand and people loved to buy unique products! 

Needing a new working space, they both set to designing and creating what is now the Corner Collective! The colours were thought through and resulted in the distinctive grey and yellow designs and both creatives got to work on how the look and feel of the building was going to be. 

George from Pompey Banana Club decided that although the artist studios had a very cool edge it didn’t quite fit into the space he needed for his graphic design business so George didn’t move into the Corner Collective as a business and doesn’t make any decisions on what happens there but he does still produce work and sells his products as a resident artist.

Being part of the Corner Collective is an idea around collaboration with local artists and creatives supporting each other and having space to work with a gallery shop so the public can see new work created as well as buy art and merchandise from one space. 

From when the Corner Collective came into the spotlight it meant the workload for Fark FK increased and his commissions grew so it meant the time he had to open and coordinate the Corner Collective became less and less. An idea for a new person was needed to step in and be a central point for the public by opening up the gallery and shop. Spending time curating exhibitions locally and bridge a communication between the public, street artists and creatives was something that needed to happen so a call out to a local creative happened and a proposal made.

Lou from Southsea Folk ( a local cultural platform that supports local independents, artists and creatives) came on board in April 2022 to curate cool exhibitions and shows of resident artists as well as build up a product range to sell on Fridays and Saturdays! 

Lots of things are planned which will include workshops you can attend where you can meet the artist and design and create your own piece of art to take home at the end of your session. Look out over the next few months where exhibitions, shows, and workshops will be happening on Albert Road. You will be able to sign up to the newsletter that will give more info over the coming year. 

Featured Image by Elliott from @guyinglassesart

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