Luke AKA Mook Loves You is a graphic designer by day but has been painting walls on the street art scene for about ten years. You can tell his work by his prominent colours he always uses. His latest pieces in the Corner Collective gallery includes a collage of wood which builds up a scene using wood layers and paint in 5 colours. 

Describing where his inspiration came from he said that he started off creating a music magazine called Panic CoMA with a friend at the age of 13 and loved working on the graphics and design for this. The pattern of the word MOOK really resonated with him as he said he could play around with the letters by adding eyes to the OO bit and turning the K around so he has always gone by this name since his teenage years. Creating and designing, he found himself constantly fitting to a customer brief and he felt he didn’t always get to be as creative as he would like. Meeting his wife, This Is Midge (another local artist), he felt inspired by not only her drive and vision with art but the local scene around Portsmouth and the connections with other local creatives. This inspired Mook to think about doing art just for himself so he started doing FREE art Friday drop off’s around the city and then set up his own Instagram account. 

From a fan following, he built up his confidence and connections with other artists which helped him to build a local presence which has led him to recently become a resident artist here at the Corner Collective. Going forward he will be building up a collection and possibly an exhibition later in the year. 

Look out for more of Mook Loves You work across town on painting spots and of course here at the Corner Collective. 

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