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When you imagine coffee you buy from your local coffee supplier or roaster, the image of a brown sustainable bag springs to mind because that is usually what coffee is presented in. Meeting Pepita Coffee really changed my idea of that, in fact, it smashed that idea out of the water.

Pepita Coffee, in partnership with Fatboy Slim, is a UK-based company that has used a stylish and innovative approach to combine the alluring worlds of coffee and art. When asked about this venture they said " We are proud to be the only coffee company that is able to showcase timeless masterpieces with our expertly sourced luxury coffee – so that’s precisely what we do. We want people to be just as inspired by the exquisite artworks exhibited on our tins while refuelling their energy with our delicious velvety elixir. We think our tins of coffee are thoughtfully designed and unique but also our coffee is of exceptional quality. It is expertly sourced and roasted to perfection. Don't just take our word for it, check out all the reviews we have had on google and our socials." 

We first found out about Pepita Coffee here at The Corner Collective when they asked our resident artist POGO to design a coffee tin for them. The result is stunning with the artist using his design called 'Beanie' as well as other iconic images and really adds depth to Pogo's work. We then chatted about the entire collection and because we love art and the whole concept of what Pepita Coffee is trying to achieve, we decided it would be super rad to offer the whole collection in-store. You can now pop in and see the collection which is only sold here and at the Big Beach Cafe in Brighton.


We managed to catch up and ask some questions for our readers about this cool company that has chosen Southsea to sell its coffee tins.

Hi Mel and Andres, thanks for joining us at the Corner Collective to talk about your work.

1. Which came first coffee or art?

We are art fanatics so art definitely came first. Being creatives and having worked in a creative world, we were always surrounded by art. Our love of coffee began in the UK, even though Andres is Colombian. Combining all our talents and our love of coffee meant a special combination was created. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most creative and talented artists from an array of different artistic styles; magnificent contemporary art from Magnus GjoenAlexandra Gallagher and Jayson Lilley; sublime street artists in the likes of Dan Kitchener AKA DANK, Tom Blackford, WRDSMTH and The Postman, and even an international superstar DJ Fatboy Slim, with his exclusive collaboration with long-time friend and award-winning Brighton-based illustrator, George Fox. We love the buzz of finding our next artist to work with just as much as making sure the coffee tastes the best.

2. Do you work with artists that love coffee? Or does this not matter?

We love it when we approach an artist and they say they love coffee but that isn't an absolute necessity! Our signature blend is a luxurious ground coffee, blended with the finest arabicas from Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala ensuring we get the same flavour all year round. We also have a variety of speciality coffee tin refills that are eco-friendly and available with different flavour notes, so we should have a coffee to suit every taste.

3. How do you find artists to work with on your tins?

We strive to work with a diverse range of artists, our aim is to have a tin design that appeals to everyone! If you know someone who is hard to buy for you should be able to find a design they will love. They make exceptionally good gifts for coffee lovers but also creative people that like cool design products in their homes or offices. The tins are reusable and refillable and support the artists whose work is displayed on them too.  4. Have you got any new plans for Pepita Coffee you would like to share with readers?

Always! We have lots of exciting things planned for this year and beyond. We have an exciting announcement coming soon and some events in the planning too. Follow us on Instagram so you don't miss out! 5. Are there any new artists you would like to work with?

There are so many incredibly talented and extraordinary artists out there and we would love to collaborate with as many of them as we can.

6. How big is the collection at the moment?

We have 50+ tin designs at the moment and our range is always changing.

7. Favourite highlights of Pepita Coffee so far?

There have been so many highs in the short time since we launched. We are proud to still be here, doing what we love despite what's been thrown at us the last few years with brexit, covid and now the cost of living. Times are tough for everyone but we have managed to continue to bring joy to people through art and coffee. The number one highlight has to be working with one of the most famous DJ's in the world, Fatboy Slim.

8. Favourite thing or food to have with your coffee?

In the morning, a freshly brewed cup of our signature blend. It's the perfect way to start the day! We love the simplicity of our beautifully designed french press cafetiere and it's a ritual for us every morning. Later in the day, it has to be with a good slice of carrot cake.

9. Is sustainability important to Pepita Coffee? 

In a world littered with single-use packaging, we have put a huge emphasis on crafting eco-friendly packaging for our coffee that can be treasured and re-used. Each tin comes pre-packed with 250g of our luxury signature blend. Become a Pepita Coffee collector with a diverse range of incredible tins or find your favourite tin that you can refill again, and again! The perfect gift for coffee lovers.

To browse the full range of stunning art tins from global, award-winning artists, and cafetieres to bring the coffee alive, please pop into the gallery shop Fri-Sat 11am until 4pm or click on the website here

By Lou O'Brien 

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