Prints And Pieces

The Corner Collective. welcomes Matt Dixon and his partner Jeannie McConville to the gallery for a special show called 'Prints and Pieces'. 

Both artists use their love of nature and implement it into their work. Speaking to Fark FK the owner of the Corner Collective, he said, "Super stoked to have Matt and Jeannie in the gallery as it’s a first for us to have an artist couple exhibiting together. 

"Matt’s stencil work is always good but he’s really done some beautiful pieces for the show and some super limited hand finished prints…be quick! The ceramics of Jeannie are something else. So delicate and beautifully decorated all done by hand and all totally unique…there's also some incredible smoked finished pieces which are a definite favourite here at the gallery." 


Matt or M-one as some know him, utilises the technique of cutting lots of stencils and then using paintwork and spraypaint to complete his work. The result is just stunning and anyone who has seen his wall mural down at Old Portsmouth as part of Look Up Portsmouth will understand the appreciation for his work.

Speaking to Matt he said, "I’m delighted that The Corner Collective has allowed Jeannie and myself to put together a show that jointly exhibits our work.

"The Portsmouth community has always been incredibly supportive of me and my work and has often been the reason to keep creating. I am really looking forward to bringing people together again for a new show, particularly as it will probably be a last show as Southsea residents although hopefully not our last Pompey show ever! We embark on a planned new adventure that takes us away from Portsmouth but we will always come back.

"Visitors can expect something of my usual eclectic mix of prints and original pieces, this time reflecting on old pieces that people are familiar with, as well as new, current work, and one or two pieces that are exploring new directions.”


Jeannie McConville

Jeannie has been doing pottery for almost 30 years. Attending ceramic adult education classes and fitting that around a busy career teaching Psychology and having children, meant creating pottery wares whenever she could.

Jeannie said of the love of this craft, "Working with clay has always held my interest and is just something I always gravitate back to and never get bored of, and over the years I progressed to teaching ceramics and pottery part-time.

"I am currently involved with the Makers Guild Pottery Studio at Omega House where I teach their foundation pottery classes and use the studio as a long-time member. This has allowed me to progress my work to the point where I am ready to exhibit regularly.  Now my children are older, I am especially looking forward to being able to devote even more time to my pottery."

Talking of the body of work, Jeannie said, "This exhibition is the culmination of several strands of work that I have been exploring for several years. My work is inspired by nature and is the result of years of study and practice as a hobby ceramicist, learning and perfecting many different clay building and decorating techniques.

"My time at Chichester University studying fine art allowed me to explore ceramics more deeply by using clay in a sculptural way and learning the techniques of plaster mould making, slip casting, burnishing and smoke firing. Many of these techniques feature in the 'Smoke Collection' pieces in the current exhibition.

"More recently I have moved away from sculpture and am enjoying producing more functional pieces that either incorporate wildflowers actually pressed into the clay surface or wildflowers hand-painted directly onto the work as surface decoration. The exhibition will feature functional and decorative pieces made using various methods including; pinch pot making, coil building, throwing, and slip casting."

Head along to the exhibition which starts on Thursday the 28th March from 6pm until 9pm, at The Corner Collective on the corner of Leopold Street and is 150-152 Albert Road.

Gallery opening times after this are

Friday 29th/30th 11am until 4pm

Sunday 31st March 12pm until 4pm

4th/5th/6th April 11am until 4pm

Sunday 7th 12pm until 4pm

By Lou O’Brien  

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