Under the Floodlights

Under the Floodlights is a new exhibition at the Corner Collective which focuses on the love of the game and incorporating art with the use of graphic design.

From 12 Yards is a local company that is well established in the football industry but did you know that co founders Mark and Andy actually live in Portsmouth? 

Their love of football Italia brought them together as friends a long time ago and they first met working for a graphic design company where they found quite quickly they had two things in common; a love of football and a love for design.

Chatting about their love of Football Italia they both watched on a Saturday morning, (which aired at the time on Channel 4) you would honestly think they grew up in the same house! What transpired from these conversations though was bringing together a project that combined simple, abstract illustrations with a love of the game that they could share with fans.

Loving simplicity and breaking imagery down to its rawest form means when Mark and Andy add geometric shapes to their design, it gives their prints a playful sporting element. The duo’s love of football kits from times gone by has resulted in recreated tournaments - like Euro 96 in a striking format that can be cherished forever on your wall. Retired greats in football will always bring fond memories of the game, as well as remembering some of the iconic matches played. Mark and Andy are modern in their approach to the golden past of football but bring a healthy dose of nostalgia along with it. Fans will remember fondly where they were during a particular match, or why they loved a certain player.

What can be appreciated about the designs of From 12 Yards is not only how Mark and Andy have used their knowledge in design to create distinctive prints, but also how their love of football kits from the 80's and 90's shines through. Mark said that he was obsessed as a child with drawing all kits from across the leagues in the UK. Finding out that a rare kit from the 90's he loved would set him back £500 really threw Mark. He added that the chances of people owning a real football kit from the 80's and 90's would be rare.

The solution?

From 12 Yards could create a print of that kit so you can still own a piece of football history! They also design many other matchday posters, so make sure you pop down to the gallery for the exhibiton and see some exciting football designs! 

Croxton's have designed a sauce that can be taken down to the football ground ready for the new season! It can be used on pies, sausage rolls, burgers, chicken wings as well as be added to some of your favourite recipes. Don't miss out on grabbing a bottle of the new sauce at the event or from Croxton's! 

Exhibition starts on the 12th August with the 11th August as a private view starting at 6.30pm with refreshments from local indies! 

Private View 11th August 6.30pm 

Opening Friday 12th August 11am -4pm 

and Saturday 13th August 11am -4pm 



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